Orgatec Colonia (2016)

The meeting between a young office-furniture company, symbol of Treviso’s manufacturing excellence, and the sensibility towards the “smart office” by Mantero’s firm, gave life to a new office products line, introduced at the 2016 Orgatec and immediately subject to the public’s interest.

In synergy with Sinetica Industries, Mantero’s firm developed products conceived to satisfy the contemporary working space requisites, now more and more oriented towards more fluid, unconventional workflows: here comes , a family of independent micro-working-habitats, freely reconfigurable, ideal for informal meetings or activities that require study or concentration. The traditional “bench in open space“, upgraded in their formal connotations, verge into covering the wide range of activities that are part of the contemporary office: , the new line of products designed by Mantero Studio, adapts itself to act, according to the needs, as a work station (single or collective), a meeting table, a convivial table for informal working spaces or resting areas.

The booth designed by Mantero Studio in order to introduce Sinetica’s products at Orgatec 2016 reflects the new vision of the “contemporary office”, a dynamic habitat in which the most different work-related activities can seamlessly co-exist thanks to the flexibility of these systems.

The collaboration between Mantero Studio and Sinetica Industries is ongoing,  and looking forward to guarantee a complete control over the engineering processes, thanks to which the products will be brought to the market.

  • Project info

    Orgatec Colonia 2016

  • Credits

    Art Direction + Product Design
    Paolo Mantero