Oriocenter Bergamo (2012)

A new way to conceive a dental clinic and, more in general, healthcare-dedicated spaces. The concept developed for the new Dentadent clinics, recently built at Oriocenter in Bergamo, represented a revolution in the image and spaces of conventional dental clinics.

“Smile with us” is the slogan we created for Dentadent, and it’s the same philosophy we adopted as we developed our project: our goal is to make you feel at home, away from fears and discomfort usually associated with a dentist appointment.  The core idae of this project was to welcome patients in a space resembling a luxury boutique: diagnostics and healthcare services can be coupled with an often overlooked attention to the patient’s comfort and well-being: an innovative case-study in terms of image, reception, materials, furnishings, and technical solutions.

  • Project info

    New Clinic Oriocenter Bergamo 2012
    Area 400 sqm
    Dentist stations 7

  • Credits

    Concept and Interior Design
    Paolo Mantero
    Engineering and Construction Management
    GSP Italia